Price Commercial

Quality & HSE Policy

We take pride in delivering a service that’s amongst the very best in our industry, and we like to think we look after our staff as well as we do our customers. So at Price Commercial we follow a policy of continuing improvement to ensure exemplary quality, safety and value. Our sites have been approved by

  • Sunlight Services
  • Bollington Insurance
  • HSB Engineering Insurance Services Ltd
  • Safetykleen

We’re also members of a number of trade bodies - an additional guarantee that we achieve high standards in all our work.

Our Partners


There are no immediate vacancies at Price Commercial at this time, but we are always keen to talk to qualified and experienced individuals and will be delighted to hear from you if you are interested in working with us in the future. Send your CV with a covering letter, in strict confidence, to:

Price Commercial
Unit &
Citypark Industrial estate
Alexandra Parade
G31 3AN

Terms of Use

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